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Mike Winn is simply a humble jazz enthusiast who wants to share his love of jazz with you......minimal waffle between the tracks....well almost!......and its free.....so please enjoy a new hour of mainstream jazz every week.

Mike Winn

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All from my own collection.......I've been (avidly) collecting since I was 16 .....after my 'If Moment'.......and the accompanying ghastly photos will suggest that its been a very long time since I was 16......I've got over 30,000 jazz album and 10,000 CD's to choose from......and that number is quietly increasing every month.......so we shouldn't have to worry about running out of quality mainstream jazz. The vast majority of the collection is obviously on vinyl so yes there might be the occasional pop or crackle but I'll ensure that I keep the quality of the broadcast up to match the high standards of the music....and where I have the track on CD I'll use that version.


Mike Winn in Studio


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