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My introduction to Jazz -
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Do you remember the great 60's film called 'If'.....the Lindsay Anderson film that gave Malcolm McDowell his first starring role....it was all about rebellious schoolboys......but the point of this ramble is one scene where one schoolboy plays a particular track of an album to his chum....in that case it was Sanctus from Missa Luba..........well I had a similar 'If Moment' at school when a friend played me one particular track ....and in my case it was Diminuendo And Crescendo In Blue from Ellington At Newport......a recording of Duke's brilliant set at the 1956 Newport Jazz Festival....and that was it for me ....I was a lifetime jazz fan (Yes I know jazz 'purists' like to look down on performances like that .....ones that became popular.....but they are simply being elitist and keen to keep jazz to a very small minority of so-called intellectuals......but real jazz is far better than that and simply exists to give all of us enjoyment).

Mike Winn

Jazz can swing, be upbeat, romantic, evocative, moody, sentimental, fun, melancholic, challenging, surprising, emotional, loud, quiet, contemplative..........whatever you want it to be to either suit or change your mood......but above all else it needs to be 'enjoyable' ...and that's the whole point of this weekly jazz radio show.


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